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About Us

Our mission is to serve the community by helping people to realize the value of what they have and offer a means for them to sell it should they desire.

our Mission

Realize the value of what you have

Why we love antique jewelry

Antique jewelry was born from a level of precision craftsmanship that has nearly been lost to computer technology and mass production. Each piece was hand fabricated by a master goldsmith with the purpose of showcasing their skill set.

From the Founder

For as long as I can remember I have always held a strong passion for gemstones, jewelry, watches, and coins.

G Francis Jewelry and Estate Buyers offers a beautiful variety of new bridal and fashion jewelry from some of the top designers. We also have a fantastic selection of pre-owned estate jewelry, and aim to serve the community by helping people to discover the value of the things they have, as well as provide an outlet for them to sell unwanted items.

-Founder of G Francis

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